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If you want to see one horned rhino in India from a distance of a few meters, then there is no other place better than Kaziranga in Assam. Within the circles of Indian wildlife tourism, Kaziranga National Park is the central attraction of the Indian as well as foreign tourists. The word spreads from the visitors, who visit this park and take back a mesmerizing experience of the extinct wildlife. It is concealed in the dense forests and the wide spread grasslands of Kaziranga. The foreigners are really amazed by the grassland safaris on elephant backs. Kaziranga is hot and humid throughout the year except winter which is the best time to visit with enormous chance of sighting a game. Monsoon in this region is stamped with floods and not advisable for visit.

Assam Wild Buffalo
Even though this park is more popular for one horned rhinoceros there are many other variety of wildlife which is fast reducing in numbers and is surviving only in the jungles of Assam. Presently forests in India are diminishing at a faster rate. In this situation Kaziranga is a pride of Assam still remaining undisturbed by human interference and proving a safe heaven to the rare species of animals staying in their natural habitats. Located on a big patch of land on the southern bank of Brahmputra River the habitat consists of tall grasslands mixed beautifully with green forests. The network of streams and lakes in this region is the source of water for the wildlife and a great place to watch them in their natural existence. Vegetation here is of three main types, tropical wet evergreen forests, alluvial grasslands and tropical semi-evergreen forests. The seven days/six nights Kaziranga wildlife tour starting from Guwahati will take you on a stupendous ride deep into the jungles and grasslands of this huge park. This tour is the incredible means of exploring the wildlife sheltered inside the dense jungles. The trained guides accompanying the tours and safaris provide all information about the wildlife to the visitors.

Kaziranga National Park
For enjoying the real fun of wildlife stay in one of the Jungle Lodge and Resorts, like Untied-21 Grassland Resort at Kaziranga. Stay at this resort will offer you real value for your money and a splendid experience of wildlife tour. The resort will make arrangements of your activities at the destination like Elephant safari, Jeep Safari and Bird watching tours.


Kaziranga Wildlife Tour

Assam Bird Watching Tour

Assam is a Northeastern Indian state surrounded by Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Meghalaya. The region is mostly hilly with prime rivers Brahmaputra and Barak provide greenery and rustic flora and fauna. Assam tourism is mostly tagged with its distinct wildlife especially variety of birdlife which is pride of the state. Assam bird watching tours are really a great opportunity to the world wide bird watchers who visit and enjoy watching the explicit bird life in their natural surroundings.

Assam is very much popular for its wildlife sanctuaries. Major wildlife sanctuaries are Kaziranga National Park, Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary and Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. Kaziranga is the central attraction of tourism in Assam. More and more tourists from worldwide places are visiting this wildlife National Park. There are around four hundred eighty species of birds recorded at this park. The variety of birds in this park includes the beautiful migratory birds, classic raptors, scavengers, waterfowl and terrestrial birds. Rare game birds seen here are Swamp falcon, bustards and pigeons. Indian hornbills are the pride of this region. Bird watching tours in the form of Jeep safaris to the eastern range of the park offer a unique experience to the visitors. Kaziranga National Park is divided into different regions for the sake of convenience. There is a good concentration of raptors, fishing birds and waterfowl in the Eastern range. Central range is great for migratory and grass land birds. Western range shows a combination of both varieties. The diverse habitat of Kaziranga which covers grasslands, tropical forests, marshlands to large lakes is the perfect heaven for the birds. Assam bird watching tours start from Guwahati and cover many places full of exciting bird life like Deepor Beel, Pobitora, Panbari Reserve Forest in Kaziranga, Dibru-Saikhowa wild life Sanctuary and Namdapha National Park in Digboi.

Whenever you are planning a tour of Assam remember to include the incredible Bird watching tours of Assam in your schedule. There are many types of accommodations spread around the entrance gates of the park. Jungle home resorts at Kaziranga offer beautiful accommodations in the vicinity of nature. Prior your tour of Assam you can book one of the resorts near the gates of the Park.

Kaziranga National Park Hotels and Resorts

Between the months of November and April, one can witness large crowds of tourists visiting wildlife sanctuary in Kaziranga. This region has a sizeable population of one-horned rhinoceroses which can be seen moving around in their habitat; a sight which is savoured by animal lovers and eco-tourists. Authorities have done a commendable job in conserving wildlife of this region, especially the endangered species. Tourists also lend their valuable support for park's protection and improving its veterinary services. For providing tourists with comfortable accommodations, several resorts in Kaziranga have come up over a period of time. A stay in these resorts or hotels enables visitors to enjoy all attractions in this region without any hassles. Plenty of choices are available in terms of cost and facilities as there are different types of resorts available, based on budgets and individual preferences of visitors. Eco-tourists can also have a memorable time while staying in these excellent resorts.

Kaziranga Hotels
Almost all resorts are located very close to the wildlife sanctuary which offers great convenience for tourists to go on animal safaris. Some of them provide airport pick-ups and drops for tourists arriving by air. Guests of these Kaziranga resorts can have several other benefits that are designed to make their stay memorable. Basic facilities may include seasonal boating, swimming pool and satellite television. There are many other services provided for guests that may be charged. Most of the tourists staying in these resorts enjoy guided tours, but there are certain rules to be followed strictly while on such expeditions. Before entering Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary, they must obtain necessary permits. It is essential to have a nature guide for assistance while exploring its wild animals and scenic locations. Maintaining a distance from animals of this wildlife reserve is absolutely necessary to ensure that they are not disturbed from human presence. Playing of car stereo or transistors is prohibited and visitors are also advised to wear clothes that are less bright. All these instructions have to be followed so that wild animals in the reserve do not get distracted. A Kaziranga resort would always brief its guests going for guided tours about the do's and don’ts that are to be followed during their trips.

United 21 Grassland Resort
Resorts in Kaziranga have undergone tremendous changes in the past few years to keep up with changing tastes and preferences of tourists. In recent times, most of the resorts or hotels in Kaziranga National Park offer online reservations and plenty of other facilities for their customers. Occasional discounts and special offers are also provided for tourists in order to make their vacations cost-effective. Most of these accommodations are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, offering unique experience for its guests. Their interiors are elegantly designed using eco-friendly materials. Guests can also maintain their fitness while having a great vacation in Kaziranga with gymnasiums that are provided in these resorts. Booking in advance would help tourists in getting reduced rates on accommodations. Advance hotel bookings at Kaziranga National Park are strongly advised during peak seasons when there are many tourists searching desperately for hotel accommodations.

Wildlife in Kaziranga

Various wildlife sanctuaries were created in India after efforts for conservation of wild animals began. Today, there are several national parks, tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in India for housing wild animals and providing a natural habitat for their survival. People visiting them can also enjoy beautiful natural surroundings in these regions along with sightings of rare species. Several Indian states have such areas where authorities are involved in conservation of endangered wild animals. Over a period of time, they have done a commendable job in ensuring that entire population of animals is protected from all sorts of dangers. They also get plenty of support for conservation efforts from individuals visiting such regions. In recent times, many travel companies have come up in different places that provide exciting wildlife tour packages for their customers.

Kaziranga wildlife tour
Assam is one of those Indian states that have vast areas covered with forests and natural vegetation. Climate in these regions is also favourable for different types of animals that constitute wildlife in Assam and they receive excellent protection from government authorities. Most famous of all wildlife sanctuaries is situated in Kaziranga region of Assam. Numerous visitors arrive in this place every year to enjoy sighting various species of wild animals. Several wildlife resorts in Kaziranga offer comfortable accommodations for these visitors at reasonable prices. In addition to basic facilities, these resorts also provide some modern amenities for their guests. Guided tours to Kaziranga National Park are also arranged in some of them for a hassle-free sightseeing. All these resorts are well-connected to cities nearby, offering greater convenience for individuals coming to this region from different parts of the world.

Kaziranga National Park has an interesting history related to its creation and further development. Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, wife of Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of British India, had persuaded her husband to take immediate steps for conserving one-horned rhinoceroses of this region in the early twentieth century. What started off as a proposed reserve forest gradually became Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and was later declared as a national park. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been highly successful in saving endangered species from extinction. Its fertile alluvial soil has resulted in the growth of dense natural vegetation which serves as a source of nourishment for various animals. Tourists visiting this region also find the beautiful landscapes of this region very attractive and many of them express willingness to explore them in detail.

Kaziranga Weekend Tour

Kaziranga is well-known for its one-horned rhinoceros, which can be found in great numbers in the region.  One can find a vast area filled with greenery and inhabited by different species of animals and birds, moving around happily in the peaceful surroundings. Lord Curzon had initiated a conservation plan about a century ago for protecting the rhinos of this region, and it has resulted in a highly successful wildlife conservation project. Today, the population of these rhinoceroses and many other wild animals in Kaziranga has grown significantly as a result of this process. The Kaziranga National Park has also been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO which explains the amount of success that it has achieved in wildlife conservation. This national park is located in the state of Assam and is visited by plenty of tourists as a part of their Kaziranga tour packages every year. Beautiful surroundings of this wildlife sanctuary are savoured by all tourists visiting the region. Many of them also extend their support to its conservation measures in their own ways

Kaziranga National Park Weekend Tour
Climate in Kaziranga is extremely pleasant between November and April, making it the best time to visit this region. Though Kaziranga tourism packages mainly promote rhinoceroses, there are many other wild animals and birds that can be seen moving around freely. Dense natural vegetation and picturesque landscapes make for an exciting view. Authorities have managed Kaziranga National Park with great excellence, winning numerous accolades for their conservation measures. Region surrounding the park appears difficult to explore, but elephant safaris provided in Guwahati Shillong Kaziranga tour packages make it easier for visitors to sight flora and fauna of this enchanting park. Tourists are required to follow some rules and regulations, but they have been in place only to ensure that animals are protected and visitors make the most out of their tour. As a day of adventure nears its end, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of sunset on the horizon and share their experiences with other individuals. This national park is easily accessible through different kinds of public and private transport, much to the convenience of its visitors. Developments in infrastructure over a period of time have also given a further boost to Assam tourism and visitors to Kaziranga. This has also resulted in plenty of job opportunities for local population of this region.

Kaziranga Hotels
In recent times, one can have many attractive tour packages being offered by various travel companies. These packages are made to suit different kinds of individuals, including ones with limited budgets. Such tour packages are a great opportunity to enjoy Assam tourism and visits to the national park. They also have a well-planned itinerary for tourists that include Kaziranga hotels that provide comfortable accommodations to visitors. Today, there are many of them which offer plenty of choices for tourists to have a pleasant stay while enjoying their trip to Kaziranga. People opting for a weekend tour to this region can also find many facilities that add to their convenience. A well-planned weekend tour to Kaziranga proves to be extremely rejuvenating for tourists and would also give them some memorable moments. 

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Flora in Kaziranga

Covering a vast area which boasts of several species of birds and animals, Kaziranga National Park is a popular wildlife sanctuary of India. The highest number of one-horned rhinoceros can be found in this region, which amounts to nearly two-thirds of its total world population. A sizeable portion of this land is covered with tall grass which provides the required nutrition for rhinos. In addition to grass, there are other species of flora in Kaziranga that adds to beautiful natural features that are a part of this wonderful region. One can be assured of spotting tigers and rhinoceroses in this region as their population has been growing steadily over the past few decades. This has been made possible due to the excellent conservation methods of authorities.

Different parts of this wildlife sanctuary foster several varieties of plants, most of them being grasses. A significant amount of flora and fauna in Kaziranga National Park has been maintained either by natural occurrences or human initiatives. Rich alluvial soil also promotes the growth of many species of plants, such as, sugarcane, elephant grasses and reeds. Aquatic plants, such as Water Hyacinth can be found in lakes and ponds of this region. Certain toxic species of invasive aquatic plants have been removed from water bodies with the assistance of Wildlife Trust of India. In addition to tigers and rhinoceroses, Kaziranga has considerable number of langurs, leopards, elephants, water buffaloes and many other wild animals. There are many resident and migratory birds in this national park which is a pleasing sight for bird-watchers.

Guided tours to Kaziranga National Park can enable tourists to witness amazing natural beauty of this region. There are elephant tours as well as trips taken in vehicles carrying visitors to this park. Tourists can witness the best of flora and fauna in Kaziranga through these tours. Some of the hotels and resorts around Kaziranga offer such guided tours for their guests. A stay in any of these hotels or resorts would be a great opportunity to witness all amazing animals and natural wonders of this place. Luxurious accommodations along with plenty of modern facilities can also make their stay pleasant and memorable. These resorts or hotels are easily accessible as there are many options in public and private transport. Domestic and international tourists travelling by air can also hire private vehicles that would help them reach the resort in Kaziranga where they have booked their accommodations in Kaziranga National Park.

Kaziranga Rhino Tour

When Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, wife of Lord Curzon, the viceroy of British India, urged her husband to take immediate measures to protect Kaziranga's rhinoceros, she had no idea that that it would be a major event in this region's history. The Kaziranga National Park Assam offers for its tourists, has plenty of rhinos today. This is a great sight for tourists who visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site every year. Other than the great one-horned rhinoceroses, it also has tigers, leopards, jackals and many other wild animals. Park authorities have done a commendable job in maintaining it in an excellent condition and fostering growth of endangered species. This wildlife sanctuary often features as an important tourist attraction on the itinerary of North-East India tours. Tourists have also supported various initiatives that authorities have taken over a period of time for the park's wildlife conservation. They also feel enchanted by charming beauty of this region’s natural surroundings and amazing landscapes.

This wonderful habitat of rhinoceroses and other wild animals became famous after being declared as a World Heritage Site. This increased the number of tourists visiting this region, mostly for enjoying an amazing sight of one-horned rhinos and other animals wandering freely amidst natural surroundings. For domestic and international tourists travelling by air, airports located at Guwahati, Rowriah and Salonibari would be access points for reaching Kaziranga. They can either hire a private vehicle or use Assam State Transport Corporation's buses to reach the wildlife sanctuary. Best time to visit this region is between the months of November and April. Some of the hotels and resorts situated close to Kaziranga National Park provide luxurious accommodations for its guests. Rooms or cottages are fully equipped with modern facilities offer plenty of comforts and privacy for tourists. A stay in such hotels or resorts would enable tourists to enjoy their Kaziranga trip without any hassles. They can also enjoy additional facilities such as airport pick-up and drop facility, spa treatments and travel desk assistance. Some hotels in Kaziranga also arrange guided tours for watching rhinoceroses and other wild animals closely. With eco-tourism gaining prominence in recent times, there are certain hotels at Kaziranga that are best suited for individuals involved this form of tourism.

Visitors to this wildlife sanctuary can get huge discounts on accommodations if they get their bookings done well in advance. There are certain rules which need to be followed by all individuals visiting this National Park. Necessary permits have to be obtained before entering it and a safe distance has to be maintained while spotting wild animals. Playing of car stereo or transistors has to be avoided as the animals would get disturbed on hearing peculiar sounds. Following all instructions given by guides would ensure a smooth conduct of Kaziranga Rhino Tour and avoid any unpleasant situations. Guided tours offered by some hotels and resorts situated near the park are conducted by experienced professionals and being in their company would be beneficial in spotting all wild animals of this region. 

Splendor of Assam

 Assam is one of the states in the north-eastern regions of India. It is located to the south of the eastern Himalayan regions. Assam is surrounded by Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya, together these states are known as Seven Sister States. These north eastern states are connected to the rest of India via a narrow strip in West Bengal. The Splendor of Assam is Kaziranga and Manas, wildlife parks in Assam, both of these wildlife parks are listed as World Heritage Sites. Apart from these wildlife parks, Assam is also well known for its Sal tree forest, though it is on a depletion stage and the famous River Brahmaputra. The state is known to have many endangered species such as the Golden Langur, White-winged Wood Duck or Deohanh, Bengal Florican, Black-breasted Parrot bill, Pygmy Hog, Greater Adjutant in their deciduous and tropical rainforests.

People often visit Assam to take a peek in to well-preserved wildlife in this state. One could easily book their accommodations near Manas and Kaziranga National Park. To maintain pollution free atmosphere the hotels and resorts near the National park provide eco friendly cottages for tourists. There has been a tremendous increase of tourists visiting these national parks since the last decade. The curiosity of witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat has been on the increasing trend. People who earlier visit hill stations for their outing have decided to checkout such national parks for a change. They find it more enjoyable as their trip is filled with many surprises and new atmosphere all together. All they need is to find a proper accommodations option and there are many hotels that are springing up near the national park. These hotels provide some of the best options for accommodations. One could find even luxurious resorts in these areas and it has boosted Assam’s tourist sector greatly. It seems wildlife safari is catching up on new generations as they prefer such outings compared to an outing in hill stations. It might be because it is a new concept and a concept of holidaying in a place where wildlife animals are roaming freely.

Assam government has been instrumental in promoting tourism in National Parks. There have been cases of poaching activities reported in Kaziranga National Park. The government has laid down new rules to curb such activities. Such poaching activities hamper the the wildlife nature and many animals are on the verge of extinction. If such activities continue for long period of time, we might never see many endangered species which are mentioned above. Even hotels and resorts in and around Manas and Kaziranga national Park make sure that the wildlife is not polluted and it is the only reason they are known to provide eco friendly cottages. The only thing you have to make sure when you visit such national park is that you shouldn’t litter the park. There are many rules and you should abide by the rules each and every time. It is also for your own safety that wildlife authorities post such rules.

Kaziranga National Park

Long time ago in 1904, Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, wife of Lord Curzon, Viceroy of British India, visited Kaziranga after hearing about the great one-horned Rhinoceros of this region. But, she failed to see even a single one on her visit to this region. She felt an urgent need to save the rhinoceroses and asked her husband to take immediate steps to prevent their extinction. This led to creation of Kaziranga National Park in 1905, though it was a proposed reserve forest at that time. Today, it is a World Heritage Site and is visited by plenty of tourists for exploring different species of wild animals in the reserve. This region can be visited during certain months in a year that are favorable for tourism.

There are several hotels and resorts around Kaziranga which offer cost-effective and comfortable accommodations for tourists. For environmentally conscious individuals, there are Eco friendly cottages available, with all the modern facilities. They have well-maintained rooms that are furnished with eco-friendly materials. Most of the hotels and resorts in this region are accessible to all domestic and international tourists arriving by air, rail or road. Some of them also provide pick-up and drop facilities for their guests giving them an added convenience. Visits to the national park can be made very easy with an accommodation in them as they also offer guided tours. Corporate events can also be conducted in such hotels or resorts as most of them have conference facilities that are backed with excellent communication systems.

Travel Desk assistance by United-21 grassland resort at Kaziranga

Get the best assistance from the travel desk of United-21 grassland resort in Kaziranga. During your visit to Kaziranga National Park you can stay at one of the resorts near Kaziranga. Among many resorts at the destination, United-21 Grassland resort in Kaziranga provides nice accommodation near the park. This resort is dedicated to make use of tourism as the best means of conserving wildlife and ultimately the environment. The travel desk of the resort assists the visitors in selecting suitable Kaziranga wildlife tour or the Elephant safaris. Other assistance provided by the helpdesk is for guided tours or trekking in nearby beautiful trekking sites. This resort proves to be an ultimate guide while exploring the grasslands and forests of Kaziranga. 

Kaziranga National Park, in Assam is the most deserving destination for the nature lovers and animal life enthusiasts. It is located at around 225 Km from Guwahati and is very much popular for its Tiger reserves as well as the rare species of one-horned rhinos. This is the place where one horned rhinos can be watched closely in their natural habitat grazing freely in the tall grass of the grassland. One can also watch the tigers in their natural surroundings easily in this vast region, due to healthy tiger population of the reserve. Apart from the two rare species there is much more to explore in this reserve. The wildlife reserve in the park is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Kaziranga National Park is spread partly in two neighboring districts of Assam namely Golaghat and Nagaon. For reaching the Park by air Guwahati airport located at around 217 km is the nearest airport. If you are travelling by train the nearest railway station is at Jorhat just seventy five km from the National Park. By road it is one hundred sixty six km from Guwahati. The main gate for Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary is at Kohora on the national highway NH 37. There are busses to Kohora from Tezpur and upper Assam. Best time to visit this destination is from November to April. The hotels at Kaziranga are spread over huge plots of land amidst astounding greenery and are located near the Park. You can avail the facility of Booking Kaziranga hotel online.

The region around National Park is purely untouched forest area dominated by grass lands, marshlands and rugged reeds. They provide perfect environment for the abundant wild life and the fast diminishing one horned rhino’s. Variety of mammals like elephants, tigers, hoolock gibbons and bears along with many splendid bird species can be watched in the Jungles in and around the park. The best way to discover the treasures of wildlife in the park is by riding an elephant to view the area of the Park. Elephant safaris start early in the morning and continue for an hour.  If you join the river side cruise you will be able to pick some beautiful views of the Brahmaputra River. Visit this best destination in Assam for a lifetime memorable experience.

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