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The Abundant Wildlife Of Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park

Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park
An Indian state located in north-eastern part of the country, Assam offers beautiful natural landscapes that would truly mesmerise any tourist visiting the region. This is the reason why Assam tourism has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. People from different corners of the world visit this region for its vast expanses of evergreen rainforests and large varieties of flora and fauna. Wild animals in an Assam national park is always a delight to watch, as they are seen moving around freely in their natural habitat. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in this region that are worth visiting, but tourists often find Orang National Park very convenient to visit during peak seasons. Except the journey on 12-kilometre bumpy road that they have to endure before getting there, everything else about the visit to this national park is absolutely wonderful.

About Organ National Park - The Orang National Park is located at bank of Brahmaputra River, Assam covers 78.81 square kilometers (30.43 sq mi). At 1985 it is declare as national park. Orang National Park also know as mini Kaziranga National Park because of its simmilar landscape. Best time to visit this wildlife reserve is between the months of November and April, but many people consider February and March as an ideal time for its tour. Visitors can choose the national park timing of their choice which would be either in early mornings or early evenings. Its Rhinos are quite popular among the tourists, but they can also witness different types of wild animals and birds while touring the park. Animals that are part of Orang wildlife include elephants, tigers, barking deer and leopard. Bird lovers can find plenty of resident and migratory birds in this national park including Rudy Shelduck and Mallard. Tourists would also find an inspection bungalow overlooking a swampy grassland very useful in sighting wild animals of this area.

Buffalo at Orang National Park

Orangutan at Orang National Park

Orang Wildlife

Ruddy Shelduck at Pond

Reaching this region would not be a problem for visitors as it is well-connected to the national highway through gravel roads. Both domestic and international travelers can access the national park from Guwahati, which is the capital of Assam. An Orang national park map would provide the required directions for tourists while sightseeing. It is advisable to wear cotton clothes in summer season, while people visiting during winters must wear light woolen clothes. Those looking for Orang National Park accommodation can find some excellent resorts in the surrounding regions. These resorts offer elegant rooms or suites for tourists for a comfortable stay while their location helps to arrange wildlife tours according to Orang national park timings without any hassles. Other than the wildlife reserve, they can also visit other places of interest during their stay in these resorts.

United 21 Grassland Resort - Ultimate Choice for a stay

United-21 Kaziranga Resort
United-21 Grassland Resort at Kaziranga is best option for a comfortable stay near Kaziranga National Park, which stands high on the list of best hotels and resorts surrounding the Park. It is mostly preferred for its easily accessible location near the highway, fascinating interiors of the cottages and perfect travel desk service. The elegance of the resort lies in its ethnic eco friendly cottages, spacious tastefully decorated rooms, well maintained swimming pool and the explicit dining facilities. Presidential and Grassland suites are the best for families trying to stay together. After spending a day full of activities in and around the park you can rely on the resorts lounge and bar for a few sips of invigorating drinks.

Most of the visitors to the resort including foreign visitors are impressed by variety of the Menu and unique dining facilities of the resort. The various options are dining under palm trees, grabbing pool-side barbeque or dining in a relaxed mood while sitting in the garden. Taking’ bites at a candle light dinner in the backdrop of events and ethnic music is the enticing experience at this resort. Cozy rooms, well equipped gym and the spacious lawn surrounding the cottages is the place where you can communicate with your soul in the surrounding calm. Winter season in the months from November to April is the right time to enjoy the thrill at the jungles of Kaziranga. After visiting the prime destination Kaziranga National Park, the other nearby attractions are tea estates of Methoni, Difalu, Borchapori and Behora, Kakochang waterfalls and Panbari reserve forest. Panbari can be reached from Kohara base. Plan your daytime for exploring the wonders of this wildlife destination and enjoy your evening at the resort with amazing options like fishing in the pond of the resort or boating in the lake. Spend a few minutes at the well equipped fitness center of the resort or get rejuvenated by a light massage at the spa center of the resort.

United-21 resort in Kaziranga is comparatively the best means of accommodation which can be booked online. Otherwise visit their website and after talking to the customer care service of the resort get the rooms of your choice booked in advance.

Kaziranga Tourism Guide

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