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Brahmaputra river the pride of Assam

Rivers are supposed to hold prime importance in the lives of Indian population. In the mythological legends rivers are are availed the status of goddess. Rivers like Ganga are supposed to be sacred and its water is carried to distant places for using it in the religious rituals. The country is blessed with many great rivers like Ganga, Jamuna, Gomati, Kosi, Gandak, and Brahmaputra. These rivers are mainly useful in irrigation, transportation purpose and even they provide drinking water to the surrounding regions. Brahmaputra River in India is supposed to be the pride of Assam.

River Brahmaputra is the lifeline of Assam, with its origin located in the Angsi Glacier in Himalayas. Here it is known by the name Yartung Tsangpo River. During its long journey crossing many states and territories it travels southwest through Assam valley, where it is known as Brahmaputra. During its journey while traversing through Arunachal Pradesh it is called Dihang. Proceeding further it gets submerged into the river Padma which is the main tributary of river Ganga. This great river around 2900 km long plays important role in irrigation and transportation in Assam valley. This great length of Brahmaputra River, offers it the title of longest river in the world. Apart from its benefits it is cursed many times for flooding the surrounding region. Brahmaputra river map clearly shows its route passing through many regions.

Brahmputra River cruises are a fascinating attraction for the tourists to enjoy an incredible ride of the surrounding region. Compared to ocean cruise river cruise is the most interesting way of reaching the interiors and viewing absolute beauty of the region. During the journey in a river cruise tourists get a better idea of culture and historic wonders of the region. Enjoying unique river side scenery and exclusive night life of the region is another advantage of traveling on a river cruise. Ships used for river cruising in Brahmputra are medium or small ships. This makes it possible for the cruise staff to pay attention to limited passengers on board and creates a tranquil ambience while cruising through this river. There are chances of joining excursions to nearby places or availing shopping pleasures. The excursions include visiting wildlife reserves and visit to the splendid tea gardens. The river cruise resembles a floating hotel where you can enjoy eating delicious food after sipping some best quality liquor. The cruises are normally operated between September and April. Store the memories of your visit in the form of some beautiful Brahmaputra river pictures.

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