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2 rhinos killed in Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park: Two rhinos are killed in Kaziranga National Park close to Burapahar Range on Wednesday. This year almost twenty Rhinos are killed till the date as compare to the last year 38 rhinos were killed.

Their is huge demand for rhino horns which sells for minimum 1 crore at international market. According to the latest census there were 2,329 rhinos at park. Recently Assam Government introduce the remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to keep watch on the poachers. But I guess that too not sufficient to protect the park from poachers and hunters.

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UNESCO designated Kaziranga National Park as a World Heritage site in December 1985. Almost two third of rhinos are stayed at Kaziranga National Park only. The park remained closed between June and October because of heavy rainfall. This is may be main cause for poaching as less security during on Monsoon. Kaziranga National Park is witness many visitors around the world.

Rhino population increased at Kaziranga National Park

At last the efforts of Kaziranga National Park officials shows it results. As per the latest census carried by Assam Government says that there is a remarkable increase in number of one horn rhino in the Kaziranga National Park. According to the last census conducted on April recorded 2,290 rhinos in Kaziranga National Park which increase to 2,329 this year.

Among 2,329 rhinos there are 645 adult male and 684 adult females. The increase of 39 Rhinos in just 11 month is a record in itself.

Last year 12 rhinos were killed by poachers, even there is no respite this year as 13 more have been killed since January this year. Although it is good news for all nature lover when the count of endanger animals increases. We hope the number keeps on increasing.

United 21 Grassland Resort, Kaziranga congratulate all Kaziranga National Park officials for their efforts to save one horn rhinos.

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