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Kaziranga is well-known for its one-horned rhinoceros, which can be found in great numbers in the region.  One can find a vast area filled with greenery and inhabited by different species of animals and birds, moving around happily in the peaceful surroundings. Lord Curzon had initiated a conservation plan about a century ago for protecting the rhinos of this region, and it has resulted in a highly successful wildlife conservation project. Today, the population of these rhinoceroses and many other wild animals in Kaziranga has grown significantly as a result of this process. The Kaziranga National Park has also been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO which explains the amount of success that it has achieved in wildlife conservation. This national park is located in the state of Assam and is visited by plenty of tourists as a part of their Kaziranga tour packages every year. Beautiful surroundings of this wildlife sanctuary are savoured by all tourists visiting the region. Many of them also extend their support to its conservation measures in their own ways

Kaziranga National Park Weekend Tour
Climate in Kaziranga is extremely pleasant between November and April, making it the best time to visit this region. Though Kaziranga tourism packages mainly promote rhinoceroses, there are many other wild animals and birds that can be seen moving around freely. Dense natural vegetation and picturesque landscapes make for an exciting view. Authorities have managed Kaziranga National Park with great excellence, winning numerous accolades for their conservation measures. Region surrounding the park appears difficult to explore, but elephant safaris provided in Guwahati Shillong Kaziranga tour packages make it easier for visitors to sight flora and fauna of this enchanting park. Tourists are required to follow some rules and regulations, but they have been in place only to ensure that animals are protected and visitors make the most out of their tour. As a day of adventure nears its end, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of sunset on the horizon and share their experiences with other individuals. This national park is easily accessible through different kinds of public and private transport, much to the convenience of its visitors. Developments in infrastructure over a period of time have also given a further boost to Assam tourism and visitors to Kaziranga. This has also resulted in plenty of job opportunities for local population of this region.

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In recent times, one can have many attractive tour packages being offered by various travel companies. These packages are made to suit different kinds of individuals, including ones with limited budgets. Such tour packages are a great opportunity to enjoy Assam tourism and visits to the national park. They also have a well-planned itinerary for tourists that include Kaziranga hotels that provide comfortable accommodations to visitors. Today, there are many of them which offer plenty of choices for tourists to have a pleasant stay while enjoying their trip to Kaziranga. People opting for a weekend tour to this region can also find many facilities that add to their convenience. A well-planned weekend tour to Kaziranga proves to be extremely rejuvenating for tourists and would also give them some memorable moments. 

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Flora in Kaziranga

Covering a vast area which boasts of several species of birds and animals, Kaziranga National Park is a popular wildlife sanctuary of India. The highest number of one-horned rhinoceros can be found in this region, which amounts to nearly two-thirds of its total world population. A sizeable portion of this land is covered with tall grass which provides the required nutrition for rhinos. In addition to grass, there are other species of flora in Kaziranga that adds to beautiful natural features that are a part of this wonderful region. One can be assured of spotting tigers and rhinoceroses in this region as their population has been growing steadily over the past few decades. This has been made possible due to the excellent conservation methods of authorities.

Different parts of this wildlife sanctuary foster several varieties of plants, most of them being grasses. A significant amount of flora and fauna in Kaziranga National Park has been maintained either by natural occurrences or human initiatives. Rich alluvial soil also promotes the growth of many species of plants, such as, sugarcane, elephant grasses and reeds. Aquatic plants, such as Water Hyacinth can be found in lakes and ponds of this region. Certain toxic species of invasive aquatic plants have been removed from water bodies with the assistance of Wildlife Trust of India. In addition to tigers and rhinoceroses, Kaziranga has considerable number of langurs, leopards, elephants, water buffaloes and many other wild animals. There are many resident and migratory birds in this national park which is a pleasing sight for bird-watchers.

Guided tours to Kaziranga National Park can enable tourists to witness amazing natural beauty of this region. There are elephant tours as well as trips taken in vehicles carrying visitors to this park. Tourists can witness the best of flora and fauna in Kaziranga through these tours. Some of the hotels and resorts around Kaziranga offer such guided tours for their guests. A stay in any of these hotels or resorts would be a great opportunity to witness all amazing animals and natural wonders of this place. Luxurious accommodations along with plenty of modern facilities can also make their stay pleasant and memorable. These resorts or hotels are easily accessible as there are many options in public and private transport. Domestic and international tourists travelling by air can also hire private vehicles that would help them reach the resort in Kaziranga where they have booked their accommodations in Kaziranga National Park.

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