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Between the months of November and April, one can witness large crowds of tourists visiting wildlife sanctuary in Kaziranga. This region has a sizeable population of one-horned rhinoceroses which can be seen moving around in their habitat; a sight which is savoured by animal lovers and eco-tourists. Authorities have done a commendable job in conserving wildlife of this region, especially the endangered species. Tourists also lend their valuable support for park's protection and improving its veterinary services. For providing tourists with comfortable accommodations, several resorts in Kaziranga have come up over a period of time. A stay in these resorts or hotels enables visitors to enjoy all attractions in this region without any hassles. Plenty of choices are available in terms of cost and facilities as there are different types of resorts available, based on budgets and individual preferences of visitors. Eco-tourists can also have a memorable time while staying in these excellent resorts.

Kaziranga Hotels
Almost all resorts are located very close to the wildlife sanctuary which offers great convenience for tourists to go on animal safaris. Some of them provide airport pick-ups and drops for tourists arriving by air. Guests of these Kaziranga resorts can have several other benefits that are designed to make their stay memorable. Basic facilities may include seasonal boating, swimming pool and satellite television. There are many other services provided for guests that may be charged. Most of the tourists staying in these resorts enjoy guided tours, but there are certain rules to be followed strictly while on such expeditions. Before entering Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary, they must obtain necessary permits. It is essential to have a nature guide for assistance while exploring its wild animals and scenic locations. Maintaining a distance from animals of this wildlife reserve is absolutely necessary to ensure that they are not disturbed from human presence. Playing of car stereo or transistors is prohibited and visitors are also advised to wear clothes that are less bright. All these instructions have to be followed so that wild animals in the reserve do not get distracted. A Kaziranga resort would always brief its guests going for guided tours about the do's and don’ts that are to be followed during their trips.

United 21 Grassland Resort
Resorts in Kaziranga have undergone tremendous changes in the past few years to keep up with changing tastes and preferences of tourists. In recent times, most of the resorts or hotels in Kaziranga National Park offer online reservations and plenty of other facilities for their customers. Occasional discounts and special offers are also provided for tourists in order to make their vacations cost-effective. Most of these accommodations are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, offering unique experience for its guests. Their interiors are elegantly designed using eco-friendly materials. Guests can also maintain their fitness while having a great vacation in Kaziranga with gymnasiums that are provided in these resorts. Booking in advance would help tourists in getting reduced rates on accommodations. Advance hotel bookings at Kaziranga National Park are strongly advised during peak seasons when there are many tourists searching desperately for hotel accommodations.

Wildlife in Kaziranga

Various wildlife sanctuaries were created in India after efforts for conservation of wild animals began. Today, there are several national parks, tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in India for housing wild animals and providing a natural habitat for their survival. People visiting them can also enjoy beautiful natural surroundings in these regions along with sightings of rare species. Several Indian states have such areas where authorities are involved in conservation of endangered wild animals. Over a period of time, they have done a commendable job in ensuring that entire population of animals is protected from all sorts of dangers. They also get plenty of support for conservation efforts from individuals visiting such regions. In recent times, many travel companies have come up in different places that provide exciting wildlife tour packages for their customers.

Kaziranga wildlife tour
Assam is one of those Indian states that have vast areas covered with forests and natural vegetation. Climate in these regions is also favourable for different types of animals that constitute wildlife in Assam and they receive excellent protection from government authorities. Most famous of all wildlife sanctuaries is situated in Kaziranga region of Assam. Numerous visitors arrive in this place every year to enjoy sighting various species of wild animals. Several wildlife resorts in Kaziranga offer comfortable accommodations for these visitors at reasonable prices. In addition to basic facilities, these resorts also provide some modern amenities for their guests. Guided tours to Kaziranga National Park are also arranged in some of them for a hassle-free sightseeing. All these resorts are well-connected to cities nearby, offering greater convenience for individuals coming to this region from different parts of the world.

Kaziranga National Park has an interesting history related to its creation and further development. Mary Victoria Leiter Curzon, wife of Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of British India, had persuaded her husband to take immediate steps for conserving one-horned rhinoceroses of this region in the early twentieth century. What started off as a proposed reserve forest gradually became Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and was later declared as a national park. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been highly successful in saving endangered species from extinction. Its fertile alluvial soil has resulted in the growth of dense natural vegetation which serves as a source of nourishment for various animals. Tourists visiting this region also find the beautiful landscapes of this region very attractive and many of them express willingness to explore them in detail.

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