Explore the Visually Appealing Tea Gardens of Assam

Popularly known as the pride of Assam, Tea Gardens are revered for their colour and flavour. During your trip to Kaziranga National Park you should make it a point to visit some of the tea gardens in the surrounding area. The sprawling greenery of these gardens & small bushes rolling down the hilly terrain is a view everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime. A majority of tea gardens are open for public viewing. Some of the most gardens include Methoni, Hathkhuli, Behora, Borchapori, and Difalu. 

A majority of visitors prefer visiting these gardens during day time because it allows them to view the beauty of gardens. You can also consider sipping special tea available at nearby tea stalls. You might have been drinking tea since last many years, but the taste of the tea available here is beyond comparison. 
While finalizing a trip to Kaziranga National Park, you should not forget researching about accommodation around this place. Getting information about Hotels & resorts in Kaziranga will make your trip hassle-free. Basically, some basic research about accommodation around this place is ideally suited especially if you’re visiting here for the first time around.

Make your Christmas memorable in United-21 Grassland, Kaziranga

Finally, the Christmas season has arrived and you would be wondering how to spend your vacation this time. It is better to choose a location that allows
everyone in the family to escape the hustle-bustle of crowds and indulge in some great celebrations on the occasion of Christmas. There is one special place that has been a favourite of many leisure tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, and bird-lovers. It is none other than Kaziranga National Park, located in the Indian state, Assam.

This wildlife reserve has achieved tremendous success in the conservation of the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros. This animal species are abundantly found in this region along with plenty of other varieties of wild animals. A wildlife safari would enable you to watch all these animals in action. You can book your stay in United-21Grassland,Kaziranga and have access to some of the modern amenities provided in this resort.

 Christmas is one of those special times of the year, when this resort arranges some excellent treats for its guests. You can have a wonderful dinner with your entire family in the multi-cuisine restaurant of United-21, which serves some of the most delicious varieties of local and other popular cuisines. We at United-21 Grassland, wish you aMerry Christmas.

Kaziranga Tourism Guide

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