Michelle Obama with Rhinoceros - Chauncey

Spectators outside the White House received a rare treat this morning when they witnessed First Lady Michelle Obama on the South Lawn going for a stroll with the family’s pet rhinoceros, Chauncey. “Owning a rhino is a lot of work, but all of the Obamas—and especially Michelle—really love Chauncey,” said White House spokesperson Sam Davidson of the 3,000-pound eastern black rhinoceros the family adopted in December after Barack Obama’s reelection promise to “finally get Sasha and Malia that rhino they’ve been wanting.” “And Chauncey really loves them all, too. He sleeps inside the White House master bedroom, he gives Sasha and Malia fun rhino rides, and he always charges at the president whenever he first enters the Oval Office.” Sources confirmed that the Obamas have been considering purchasing a steel cage for Chauncey ever since the rhino accidentally gored Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius earlier this month.

Source - http://www.theonion.com/articles/michelle-obama-seen-outside-walking-family-rhinoce,32851/

About Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park
Namdapha National Park renowned as one of the richest areas in biodiversity, huge protected area in the Eastern Himalayas is the largest national park regarding area on which the park is spread in Northeast of India. This region is also known for its extensive Dipterocarp forests and lowland evergreen rainforests. The park is spread on a huge piece of land between Dapha bum range, Mishmi Hills and Patkal range. Offering best example of biodiversity the habitat changes from lower region to the upper region with sub-tropical broadleaf to subtropical pine forests. Apart from this the park is also gifted with huge bamboo forests. Maximum part of the park is mountainous covered with forests of Hollong, Mekal and Hollock trees mixed with creepers. High altitudes of the park are covered with deciduous forests rich in Mangolia, pine, and Betula trees. The area is like a haven for the botanists and researchers with around one hundred fifty recorded tree species, accompanied with incredible varieties of rare orchids and flowers. The park can be accessed from Guahati and Dibrugarh and the nearest railway station is at Ledo. This region has a sub tropical climate and best time to visit this park is the winter season.

Bird safari at Namdapha National Park

White-Winged Wood Duck
White-Winged Wood Duck

Satyr Tragopan Osaka
Monal Pheasants at Namdaphamap
Namdapha National Park Great Indian Hornbill
Namdapha’s diverse forests are a haven for the astounding birdlife, where birds like Giant Hornbill, Satyr Tragopan, Monal Pheasants and white-winged wood duck cab be easily spotted. Some of the reptiles like reticulated Python and King Cobra are commonly seen in the jungles of the park. Mammals like Leopard, Jungle Cats and Tigers along with Hoolock Gibbon also are commonly seen in the interiors of the jungles and mountain slopes. Apart from the exclusive wild life there are many other attractions for tourists in the parks eastern side, which borders with Myanmar. Best time to visit this region is from October to April and rest of the months should be avoided, since this period is dominated with heavy rains and flooding of the rivers.

For entering the park and staying at the jungle camps a tourist permit has to be taken from the authorities of the Park. Namdapha national park accommodation at Deban inside the park is the best for exploring the region in and around the park. It is the only park in India, where you can stroll freely in the jungles instead of travelling in a protected vehicle. There are many incredible hiking routes and places of cultural as well as historical importance at the east side. Namdapha national park treks are unique identity of the park.

How to get to Namdapha National Park:

Best Time to Visit:
01 October to 30 April
1,985 sq km
Tangsa, Singpho, Assamese, Hindi, English.
Best Time to Visit:
01-Oct to 30-Apr
Getting There:

  • By Bus - Assam State Transport Corporation from Dibrugarh to Miao via Tinsukia, Margherita, Ledo, Jagun and Kharsang.
  • Many Private vehicle runs between National Park and Dibrugarh and other cities

Nearest Town:
Nearest Airport:
Dibrugarh Airport
Nearest Railway Station:

Namdapha National Park Fees

For Indian
For Foreigner
Entry Fees
Rs. 10
Rs. 50
Rs. 100
Still Camera
Rs. 70
Video Camera
Rs. 100

Dos and Don'ts at Namdapha National Park
  • Indian tourist need to take a permit from district to visit the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Foreign Tourist get permit from Home Ministery New Delhi. For 10 day permit required valid visas and it costs around US$ 50/person.
  • The park remains open for visitors from Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Prefer to wear Green or light colored clothes, bright colors and perfume are not suggested.
  • Namdapha National Park comes in restricted area so pre booking is suggested to avoid the disappoint of unavailability.

The Kaziranga Bird Watching Tour

Kaizranga Bird Watching Tour
Home to different types of resident and migratory birds, Kaziranga has been identified by Birdlife International as an important bird area. People visiting Kaziranga National Park can get an opportunity to watch plenty of birds in addition to the numerous species of wild animals. It has been visited by many bird-watchers and their number is growing every year. Best time to visit this amazing region is during late February and March, while this area witnesses a peak season in December and January. Having a Nature Guide for company is essential for spotting the birds and wildlife in Kaziranga.

Bar Headed Geese
Bird-watchers who wish to sight different types of birds in this area can embark on a Kaziranga Bird Watching tour after having their breakfast in the morning. Eastern range of this wildlife reserve is considered to be the best region for bird-watching enthusiasts. Among the frequently seen birds are Crested Serpent Eagle and Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle. Other birds include Bar-Headed Geese, Pelicans and Greater Adjutant Stork; while visitors can also watch some endangered species like Bengal Floricans. This park was once home to about seven species of vultures, but they reached near extinction after feeding on drug-contained animal carcasses. Indian Vulture, Indian White-Rumped Vulture and Slender Billed Vulture are among the ones that survived.

The national park has to be entered only after taking the required permits. Visitors to this area who are moving around using vehicles must drive slowly so that the wildlife in this region is not disturbed. Often, the bird-watchers who tour Kaziranga are not able to watch the entire species in bird list that they have. But most of the birds can be sighted during their visit. Playing of car-stereo or transistors must be strictly avoided, as the possibility of sighting the desired birds would be slim in such situations.


    Kaziranga National Park Photo Gallery    

Things to do at Kaziranga National Park

For Security Kaziranga National Park will use unmanned aircraft

unmanned aircraft test at Assam
Kaziranga National Park - Assam Government planned to use the UNMANNED AIRCRAFT to keep look on one horn rhinos at Kaziranga National Park. This will also make easy to keep watch the poacher at Kaziranga National Park.

Wildlife Institute of India (WII) scientist are helping the Kaziranga National Park authorities to developed such technology. Also they had a successful test on this told by lead Scientist, Dr.
K. Ramesh.

Assam Minister for Environment and Forests, Rockybul Hussain said that they will have some more test to measure the usage of craft. Multiple test will help to improve the technology of aircraft as per the park climate and surrounding.

United 21 Grassland Resort thanks to Assam Government who take quick initiative to stop Rhino Poaching in Kaziranga National Park.  The unmanned aircraft is strong solution to stop poaching and keep track on Rhino without disturbing their life.

Kaziranga National Park - Fact Files

Kaziranga National Park is situated at Assam is inhabited by the world's largest population of one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as many mammals, including tigers, elephants, panthers and bears, and thousands of birds away from any human distraction. Kaziranga National Park is recognized as World Heritage Place by UNESCO on December 1985.  Following are Fact files about the Kaziranga National Park - 

Located at
 Assam, India
 N26 40 0 E93 25 0
National Park Status
World Heritage  Status
Nearest River
 Brahmaputra River
Nearest Hill
 Mikir Hills
Types of Vegetation

·         Alluvial Inundated Grasslands
·         Tropical wet Evergreen forests

·         Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests
Threatened Mammals

       15  Indian Species –

·        Capped langur

·        Hoolock gibbon

·        Tiger panthera tigris

·        Leopard

·        Sloth Bear

·         Ganges Dolphin

·        Otter

·        Wild Boar

·        Water Buffalo

·        Gaur

·        Sambar

·         Swamp Deer

·        Hog Deer

·        Indian Muntjac

Migratory Birds
More than 100 Species

·         Water Monitor

·         Indian Python
·          Common Cobra

·          King Cobra

Kaziranga National Park Timing -

Elephant Safari

Timing - 5:00 am until 4:00 pm
Jeep Safari

Timing - 7:30 am until 11 am
Timing - 2:00 pm until 4:30 pm
Bird Watching
Anytime in day
Anytime in day
Anytime in day
Best time to visit
December to May
Park Closing
Between June to October

One Horn Indian Rhino 

Total Numbers of Rhino
Adult Males Rhino
Adult Females Rhino
as per 2013 census by Assam Government.

Rhino population increased at Kaziranga National Park

At last the efforts of Kaziranga National Park officials shows it results. As per the latest census carried by Assam Government says that there is a remarkable increase in number of one horn rhino in the Kaziranga National Park. According to the last census conducted on April recorded 2,290 rhinos in Kaziranga National Park which increase to 2,329 this year.

Among 2,329 rhinos there are 645 adult male and 684 adult females. The increase of 39 Rhinos in just 11 month is a record in itself.

Last year 12 rhinos were killed by poachers, even there is no respite this year as 13 more have been killed since January this year. Although it is good news for all nature lover when the count of endanger animals increases. We hope the number keeps on increasing.

United 21 Grassland Resort, Kaziranga congratulate all Kaziranga National Park officials for their efforts to save one horn rhinos.

Brahmaputra river the pride of Assam

Rivers are supposed to hold prime importance in the lives of Indian population. In the mythological legends rivers are are availed the status of goddess. Rivers like Ganga are supposed to be sacred and its water is carried to distant places for using it in the religious rituals. The country is blessed with many great rivers like Ganga, Jamuna, Gomati, Kosi, Gandak, and Brahmaputra. These rivers are mainly useful in irrigation, transportation purpose and even they provide drinking water to the surrounding regions. Brahmaputra River in India is supposed to be the pride of Assam.

River Brahmaputra is the lifeline of Assam, with its origin located in the Angsi Glacier in Himalayas. Here it is known by the name Yartung Tsangpo River. During its long journey crossing many states and territories it travels southwest through Assam valley, where it is known as Brahmaputra. During its journey while traversing through Arunachal Pradesh it is called Dihang. Proceeding further it gets submerged into the river Padma which is the main tributary of river Ganga. This great river around 2900 km long plays important role in irrigation and transportation in Assam valley. This great length of Brahmaputra River, offers it the title of longest river in the world. Apart from its benefits it is cursed many times for flooding the surrounding region. Brahmaputra river map clearly shows its route passing through many regions.

Brahmputra River cruises are a fascinating attraction for the tourists to enjoy an incredible ride of the surrounding region. Compared to ocean cruise river cruise is the most interesting way of reaching the interiors and viewing absolute beauty of the region. During the journey in a river cruise tourists get a better idea of culture and historic wonders of the region. Enjoying unique river side scenery and exclusive night life of the region is another advantage of traveling on a river cruise. Ships used for river cruising in Brahmputra are medium or small ships. This makes it possible for the cruise staff to pay attention to limited passengers on board and creates a tranquil ambience while cruising through this river. There are chances of joining excursions to nearby places or availing shopping pleasures. The excursions include visiting wildlife reserves and visit to the splendid tea gardens. The river cruise resembles a floating hotel where you can enjoy eating delicious food after sipping some best quality liquor. The cruises are normally operated between September and April. Store the memories of your visit in the form of some beautiful Brahmaputra river pictures.

Attraction of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary the Rhino breeding farm

Assam the north Indian state of India is popular worldwide for best quality tea, silk, variety of plant, animal life and its incredible wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the rare and diminishing animal species are flourishing in these protected areas. The state has become increasingly popular among worldwide tourists as the ace “Wildlife Tourism” center of India. It is already honored with two of its World Heritage sites Kaziranga and Manas which attract hordes of tourists throughout the year. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary near Guwahati has made a record in increasing the number of one horned Rhinos which were on the way of getting diminished.
This land with high rainfall and blessed with mighty rivers like Brahmaputra and its tributaries make the region fertile, with rich forests ranging from incredible grasslands, deciduous forests, wetlands and wide spread jungles of Sal and Bamboo. This large diversity in its type of regions makes Assam the largest shelter for a great variety of flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuaries and the protected zones of the state provide a beautiful atmosphere for incredible birdlife which is concentrated around its wet lands. Among the many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries Pobitora wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Mariagaon district of Assam. This wildlife reserve is located just thirty km from Guwahati the major and important city of Assam.

This Park is spread on huge forty sq. km plot of land in which around sixteen square km are reserved specially for creating a rhino habitat spread on the plains and a hillock. A Rhino breeding farm at this reserve is the major attraction which runs a breeding program called Indian Rhino vision 2020, which initially helped in restoring the fast diminishing number of one horned Rhinos of the region. Gradually the success story reaching its heights has made the area overpopulated by the Rhinos. Other attractions near Pobitora are Haduk Hanging Bridge and Garanga Beel which is a beautiful pond. Pobitora National Park, Guwahati can be explored on elephant backs or by the fascinating jeep safaris which take you to the interiors in the natural habitat of the animals. These safaris are best means of viewing some of the animals like leopard, wild bear, wild cats and Asian buffalo. There is an opportunity to view some of the incredible bird species out of total two hundred migratory birds available at the reserve.

 The weather of Guwahati is moderate with warm summers and cool breezy winters. Heavy rains are observed from June to October. November to March is supposed as the best period to visit Pobitora wildlife reserves, as it offers a moderate climate and many interesting festivals of the region like Bihus, Magh and Bhogali bihu. Pobiitora can be easily approached by road from Guwahati. While travelling from Kaziranga to Guwahati, Pobitora can be reached by taking road to Mayang. Accommodations are available at a resort inside the sanctuary.

United 21 Grassland Resort - Ultimate Choice for a stay

United-21 Kaziranga Resort
United-21 Grassland Resort at Kaziranga is best option for a comfortable stay near Kaziranga National Park, which stands high on the list of best hotels and resorts surrounding the Park. It is mostly preferred for its easily accessible location near the highway, fascinating interiors of the cottages and perfect travel desk service. The elegance of the resort lies in its ethnic eco friendly cottages, spacious tastefully decorated rooms, well maintained swimming pool and the explicit dining facilities. Presidential and Grassland suites are the best for families trying to stay together. After spending a day full of activities in and around the park you can rely on the resorts lounge and bar for a few sips of invigorating drinks.

Most of the visitors to the resort including foreign visitors are impressed by variety of the Menu and unique dining facilities of the resort. The various options are dining under palm trees, grabbing pool-side barbeque or dining in a relaxed mood while sitting in the garden. Taking’ bites at a candle light dinner in the backdrop of events and ethnic music is the enticing experience at this resort. Cozy rooms, well equipped gym and the spacious lawn surrounding the cottages is the place where you can communicate with your soul in the surrounding calm. Winter season in the months from November to April is the right time to enjoy the thrill at the jungles of Kaziranga. After visiting the prime destination Kaziranga National Park, the other nearby attractions are tea estates of Methoni, Difalu, Borchapori and Behora, Kakochang waterfalls and Panbari reserve forest. Panbari can be reached from Kohara base. Plan your daytime for exploring the wonders of this wildlife destination and enjoy your evening at the resort with amazing options like fishing in the pond of the resort or boating in the lake. Spend a few minutes at the well equipped fitness center of the resort or get rejuvenated by a light massage at the spa center of the resort.

United-21 resort in Kaziranga is comparatively the best means of accommodation which can be booked online. Otherwise visit their website and after talking to the customer care service of the resort get the rooms of your choice booked in advance.

Kaziranga Tourism Guide

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